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We, Sanchi Organics Pvt. Ltd., are one of the leading manufacturers of various dyes used in textile, paper, cosmetics, toiletries, silk, wool & other industries. Sanchi Organics (P) Ltd has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certificate for Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System.
Our dedication and commitment to both service and growth has helped us to become dynamic company offering a diverse line of Dyes and intermediates demanded by our customers.

Sanchi Organics Pvt. Ltd.
(SOPL) was incorporated on 29th December 1988 to manufacture Synthetic Organic Dyes and Intermediates. SOPL is promoted by dedicated and committed professionals, under the guidance of visionaries on the Board, the company has created a place among the established chemicals manufacturing companies in a very short span. SOPL has started its commercial production w.e.f. December 1983. During mid 1995 the company had entered in the export of ETHYL BENZYL ANILINE SULPHONIC ACID (EBASA), an intermediate used for making food colours, since then the company been regularly exporting EBASA to countries like JAPAN, US, UK and many other countries in Asia.

Board of Directors

Mr. ManakChand Rathod is a qualified technical person and having worked with renowned dyes mfg. units, have wide experience in manufacturing & marketing of various dyes intermediates.

Mr. Karthik Rathod is a marketing graduate with MBA looking after international business of the company.

Quality Assurance Systems 

From raw materials analysis to the finished product each process is backed by our ISO 9001 system which requires multiple checks to ensure product conformance. Utilizing state-of-the-art instrumentation operated by skilled professionals, we document all of the Quality Control analyses and provide the results with every product. To guarantee you complete satisfaction With every product we combine an ISO 9001 approved system with dedicated professionals, knowledgeable technical support and friendly customer service. We remain committed to improving our products from good to best and always aim to achieve the best for our customers.

Research & Developments (R&D)

Being an age of quality consciousness and in today's rapidly changing and competitive market place, in SOPL's advanced research and development capabilities are of increasing importance to our international customers. To aid customers in new product development, formulation customization, process and manufacturing improvements, SOPL provides extensive technical services and expertise. Along with SOPL trademark, this spirit of cooperation and partnership with our customers is made more valuable, by the recent addition of sophisticated research and testing facilities In fact, our manufacturing process is designed and operated in accordance with ISO guidelines for the superior quality.


SOPL's strongest asset is its skilled experienced & committed staff. The technical staff includes Ph.D., MS- and BS-level with a diverse set of skills in organic synthesis, analytical chemistry and product formulation. In addition to the technical staff, SOPL's customer service, technical support teams each bring expertise of Analytical Products Divisions with them.